Kubota Engines

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Kubota, A world leader in Industrial Engine Technology

Kubota's longstanding devotion to research and development has earned them a growing reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of top quality deisel engines. One of Kubota's major concerns has always been the development of a more compact, fuel efficient, and cleaner exhaust engine.

Kubota has a complete line of compact diesel and gasoline engines to meet the needs of all industrial, construction, agricultural and generator applications. A variety of options are available to customize Kubota engines to meet your specific needs.

Kubota Diesel Engines
Kubota WG/DF Series
Kubota Super Mini Series
Kubota Super 05 Series
Kubota Super 03 Series
Kubota V3300/V3300-T
Kubota V3 Series
Kubota Engine Listing
Engine Selection Guide
Super Mini Series Super Mini Series Super Mini Series Super 05 Series Super 05 Series Super 03 Series Super 03 Series V3 Series WG/DF Series
* This is only an approximation of each model's output range.

How to Read the Model Number
E 1 Cylinder
Z 2 Cylinders
D 3 Cylinders
V 4 Cylinders
WG Water (liquid) cooled gasoline
DF Duel Fuel (gasoline/LP gas)


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