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Introduction Model WG752 Model DF752 Model WG1005 Model DF1005 Kubota Engine Listing

Gasoline and Gasoline/LP Gas Engines that are as "Tough" as their Diesel counterparts

Kubota's longstanding dedication and commitment to research and development has earned them a reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of top quality industrial engines. One of Kubota's major concerns has always been the development of "High Power Density", "High Power Quality" engines with absolute "Reliability" to meet your demands. Their long technical experience, untiring research, and state of the art manufacturing technology led to the creation of Kubota "Tough Stuff".

Extremely Durable and Highly Reliable
The new WG/DF engines, which are solidly based on Kubota's world acclaimed diesel engines, will meet and beat the toughest industrial challanges.
Compact and Tough
Kubota is the leader in pioneering the compact engine concept. Our compact technology delivers "High Power Density" and "High Power Quality" engines that are also known for their "Toughness".
Interchangeable with Kubota's Diesel Engines
The WG/DF engines have the exact same footprint as the Kubota diesel engines. Most of the optional parts are also interchangeable.
WG/DF Kubota D722 interchangable WG/DF Kubota D905 D1005 D1105(T) interchangable
Two Fan Locations
Fan location can be selected from either "Low Fan" or "High Fan" postion.

Kubota WG/DF1005 High and Low fan positions

Environmentally Friendly (Clean and Silent)
The new combustion chamber, designed exclusively for the dual fuel engines, effectively reduced both emissions and noise. Kubota's outstanding technology enables them to meet all current existing emission regulations around the world. WG/DF752 engines are certified for both CARB Tier 2 and EPA Phase 2 emission regulations. WG/DF1005 engines have the capability of passing both CARB LSI Tier 1 and EPA Phase 2 emission regulations.

Introduction Model WG752 Model DF752 Model WG1005 Model DF1005 Kubota Engine Listing

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