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V3 Series: Four New DI Models Join the V3 Series

Kubota presents the world's first E-CDIS (Center Direct Injection System) type combustion system diesel engine series for construction and agricultural uses. This advanced 4-valve system, made exclusively for the V3 DI series, available as normally aspirated or turbo-charged, achieved higher output power, higher torque rise and cleaner emission all at the same time. If you are in the market for a direct-injection type engine in the 3.3 or the 3.8 liter class, look no further. Kubota has the answer.

An Original E-CDIS
Kubota's new DI version of the V3 series incorporates a new four-valve-per-cylinder head with a new injection system, the E-CDIS. This system, with an injector located in the center of each cylinder, drastically improved fuel effiency.
High Power Density
The V3 series shares the same engine dimensions, yet the V3800 is 14% greater in displacement, and 10% greater in output and torque rise than the V3300.
Superb Noise and Vibration Control
The half float structured head cover successfully reduces the radiating noise from the upper part of the engine. Moreover, the MoS2 coated piston and the three step open thermostat help reduce piston slap by optimizing piston/cylinder wall clearance as the engine coolant comes up to temperature. A built-in twin balancer is available as a factory option for reducing vibration even further.
High Torque Rise and Environmental Friendly
The DI version retains Kubota's integral governor and peak torque adjuster. This sytem promotes higher torque rise, while maintaining targeted emission levels. With our eyes set on even stricter future emission regulations, the technology used in the V3 series enable it to clear the EPA Tier III standards.
Flexibility for industrial uses

  • Side mounted PTO can deliver as much as 66% of total Naturally Aspirated engine power.
  • Maintenance position can be selected from air-intake, front or the top.
  • Fan position is selectable (Low or High).
  • Structural type engine block (e.g. for agricultural tractor) is available.
  • Various other options, including higher output starter and Turbo direction, are also available.
  • Introduction Model V3300DI Model V3300DI-T Model V3800DI Model V3800DI-T Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

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