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Introduction Model V3300 Model V3300-T Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

An Ideal Match between Cleaner Exhaust and High Power

The Essence of Engine Performance, New Multi-Valve E-TVCS V3300/V3300-T Engines
People and environment friendly. Kubota's E-TVCS engine was the first in the world to pass the CARB (California Air Resource Board) ULGE (Utility, Lawn, and Garden Equipment) regulations for diesel engines under 25 HP in April, 1993. V3300/V3300-T are the latest diesel engines to follow in its footstep.
Kubota's advanced technology uses a new 3-valve per cylinder construction that boasts high output and torque while keeping both vibration and exhaust emissions down to a minimum. Our aim is to achieve a harmonious existence between nature and technology. Kubota's V3300/V3300-T engines make a new beginning for engine possibilities.

Kubota's Advanced Technology Created the First Heavy Duty Diesel Engine with Valve Heads

An ideal blend of 3 valve per cylinder construction, 3 vortexes and 3 valve recesses.

These engines' unique combustion system is based on, but built even better than the innovative E-TVCS system. The new 3 valve construction, made up of 2 air intake and 1 exhaust valves per cylinder, improved the air intake rate over that of the conventional E-TVCS engines. It's now possible to pack a large displacement engine more compact. Thanks to this ingenious combustion system, V3300/V3300-T display superb performance with cleaner exhaust, quieter operation and higher torque.

Kubota Super Mini Series Kubota Super 05 Series Kubota Super 05 Series Kubota Super 03 Series Kubota V3300 Kubota V3300-T Kubota model line-up
*Note: This is only an approximation of each model's kW range. Please refer to specifications for exact figures.


More Stable Output
The all new injection pump assembly is equipped with an original governor and a torque peak adjuster (a mechanism that precisely sets the torque rise). High torque rise and improved engine performance result in stable ouput and cleaner exhaust.
Meets a Variety of Uses
Largest capacity side PTO in its class. The placement of the fan and the starter can be changed according to the size of the machine's hood and where the engine is placed. These engines are ideal for all types of applications at any work site.

Fan Attachment Locations
Easy to Access
Easy one side maintenance of your choice. Select one of three sides or directions (air intake, top, or the front side) to simplify and quicken engine maintenance and inspection. Select one of two sides for filter position, while the filter can be set in one of three horrizontally, top, or bottom) different positions.

3-Sided Maintenance Oil Filter Position
Low Noise and Vibration
Kubota uses a new 3 step open thermostat to ensure a smooth water temperature rise. Piston slapping sound has been successfully reduced by narrowing the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall.

3 Step-Valve Type Thermostat

Friendly to the Environment EPA Tier I Certified
EC Regulations Stage I Certified
Kubota was the first manufacturer to pass the U.S. CARB ULGE emission regulations for engines under 25HP. All Kubota-made diesel engines are now in compliance with the U.S. E.P.A., the European EC, and the Japanese MOC regulations. Kubota will continue to work aggressively toward meeting all future emission standards.

Introduction Model V3300 Model V3300-T Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

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