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Kubota Diesel Engine Super Mini Series

Introduction Model Z482 Model Z602 Model D722 Model D902 Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

New Additions to a Long Time Favorite

Kubota's longstanding devotion to research and development is the reason why it is known around the world as a manufacturer of top quality diesel engines. One of Kubota's major concerns has always been to develop more compact, fuel efficient, and cleaner exhaust engines. With its outstanding technical experience, untiring research, and deep concern for the environment, Kubota developed the world's smallest, multi-cylinder high power density diesel engine series, the Super Mini in 1983. Starting out with just two models, this series remained a long time favorite for twenty years. In 2003, two new models joined this ever-popular 2-, 3-cylinder series. The new lineup will undoubtedly keep the Super Mini series popular for years to come.

New Model Features

Kubota new model features

  • Cleaner Exhaust
  • Capable of meeting future emission regulations.
  • Higher Power Density
  • Larger Bore x Stroke: 67 ->72 (Z602/D902)
  • Lower Engine Height (Z602/D902)
  • Low Noise
  • MoS2 Coated Piston (Z602/D902)
  • Half Float Valve Cover (Z602/D902)
  • Technology for the clean age.

    Kubota's proprietary TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) obtains an optimum air/fuel mixture by generating three intense swirling air flows (vortexes) within the spherical-combustion (swirl) chamber. The new TVCS added a special concave recess on the piston head to force compression air in the swirl chamber and to smooth combustion gas exhause. The E-TVCS, based on the new TVCS, is aimed at a drastic emission reduction.

    E-TVCS produces far less soot, HC and CO thanks to a better match between the injection nozzle throat and the concave recess on the piston head. The injection pump and nozzle are better matched with the combustion chamber to reduce NOx emissions.

    Kubota E-TVCS system

    Introduction Model Z482 Model Z602 Model D722 Model D902 Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

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