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Kubota Diesel Engine Super 05 Series

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A world leader in Industrial Engine Technology, Kubota.

Kubota's longstanding devotion to research and development has earned them a growing reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of top quality deisel engines. One of Kubota's major concerns has always been the development of a more compact, fuel efficient, and cleaner exhaust engine. Their long technical experience, untiring research and deep concern for the environment led to the creation of the Super 05 series.

Kubota E-TVCS

E-TVCS Technology Improves Engine Performance

The concave recess on the piston head helps Kubota's E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) generate three intense swiling air flow (vortexes) within the spherical-combustion chamber to obtain an optimum air/fuel mixture. This superb combustion system improves the power output, fuel economy, and engine start ups, while reducing both noise and toxic emissions.

Model Line-Up

Kubota Super Mini Series Kubota D905 Kubota D1005 Kubota V1305 Kubota D1105 Kubota D1105-T Kubota V1505 Kubota V1505-T Kubota Super 03 Series Kubota V3300/V3300-T Kubota model line-up
*Note: This is only an approximation of each model's kW range. Please refer to specifications for exact figures.


Low Noise
Noise levels during load and no-load operations are kept to a minimum with Kubot's renown low-noise diesel engine development technology and E-TVCS.
Large Capacity, High Speed Flyweight Governor
Instead of the conventional ball type governor, a large capacity, high speed flyweight governor is used. This ensures stable operation at a low revolution speed, high torque rise, and Stead State Governor Regulation.
Quick Start Ups
Super glow system comes as standard equipment to shorten preheating time and quicken engine start up in cold temperature.
Highly Reliable Engine
Based on Kubota's original sturdy design, the engine promises great reliability and long service life with advantages to meet most any application.
Increased PTO Capacity for Beltdrive
The crankshaft has enough diameter, strength and main bearing area to meet various applications and to handle heavy loads.
Pollution-Free Design
In addition to the excellent features such as clean exhaust and low noise, we have also designed them against abestos pollution.
A full range of accessories and options are available to meet customer's demand.

Friendly to the Environment EPA Tier I Certified
EC Regulations Stage I Certified
Kubota was the first manufacturer to pass the U.S. CARB ULGE emission regulations for engines under 25HP. All Kubota-made diesel engines are now in compliance with the U.S. E.P.A., the European EC, and the Japanese MOC regulations. Kubota will continue to work aggressively toward meeting all future emission standards.

Introduction Model D905 Model D1005 Model D1105 Model D1105-T Model V1305 Model V1505 Model V1505-T Kubota Diesel Engine Listing

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