Item Number Manufacturer Condition Model Number HP/KW @ RPM Cyl Price Engine Type Turbo? Total Hours Country State/Province
395 Deutz New BF6M2012C* 178.0 @ 2,200 RPM Inline 6 Call for Price Industrial Y 0 United States Ar

Deutz BF6M2012C* Diesel Engine


*High Torque version with Turbocharger and Waste Gate.

3 separate mounting options for gear-driven hydraulic pumps.

Easy accessible service points on one engine side.

High operating economy thanks to low fuel consumption, long oil change
intervals and low maintenance requirement.

Type of cooling: Liquid cooling, thermostatically controlled at engine outlet.

Charge-air-cooled engines with air-to-air charge air cooler.

Crankcase: High grey cast iron crankcase, for monobloc construction.

Crankcase breather: Closed-circuit crankcase breather.

Cylinder head: Grey cast block-type cylinder head.

Piston cooling: Oil cooled with spray nozzles.

Connecting rod: Forged steed rod.

Crankshaft: Forged steel shaft with integral counterweights, 4-cylinder version with integral mass
balancing shafts.

Camshaft: Steel shaft.

Lubrication system: Forced-feed circulation lubrication with gear pump.

Lube oil cooler: Oil cooler integrated in coolant circuit.

Oil and fuel filter: Paper-type microfilter as replaceable cartridge, optional exchangeable cup-shaped filter
cartridges for environmentally compatible filter change from above.

governor: Single injection pumps integrated in crankcase.
Mechanical centrifugal governor (standard); electronic engine governor (EMR) optional.

Fuel lift pump: Mechanical gear pump integrated in v-belt drive.

Injection nozzle: Six-hole nozzle, without leakoil.

Alternator: Three-phase alternator 12V or 24V.

Starter motor: 12V or 24V.
old starting facilities: Electric intake air preheater for spontaneous and environmentally compatible cold starting

Heating system: Optional connection for cab heating to engine cooling circuit.

Options: Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbocharger positions, air compressor, hydraulic pump
installation positions, SAE 2/3/4 flywheel housings, flywheels, 12V or 24V electrics, oil pans.



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