Item Number Manufacturer Condition Model Number HP/KW @ RPM Cyl Price Engine Type Turbo? Total Hours Country State/Province
419 Deutz Remanufactured BF3M 2011 66.4 @ 2,800 RPM Inline 3 $5,200.00 Industrial Y 0 United States Ar

Deutz BF3M 2011 Diesel Engine

Oil-cooled (with conventional cooling system).

13% more power in comparison to the successor 1011F.

100% extended belt change interval.

PTO for hydraulic pump drive is increased by 55%.

All service points on one engine side.
Compact engine design.

Designed specifically for construction equipment the dimensions of the engines are
extremely compact. Thus reducing installation costs.

The new engines,which display an exceptional power /weight ratio, perform brilliantly while at the same time complying with the stricter regulations on environmental protection.

Cooling and lubrication with oil avoid corrosion and cavitation. High reliability
combined with long maintenance intervals and less wear parts.

Low noise emission, no expensive insulation measures for noise reduction.



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