Item Number Manufacturer Condition Model Number HP/KW @ RPM Cyl Price Engine Type Turbo? Total Hours Country State/Province
7514 Caterpillar Running When Pulled 3408 C 20.0 @ 2,100 RPM V 6 $2,800.00 Industrial N United Kingdom Highlands

Caterpillar 3408 C Diesel Engine

Used CATERPILLAR DIESEL 3408 Engine,this engine was used as an emergency water pump,it was inside a building with a remote radiator. The radiator has a 5HP electric motor that turns the fan. The engine has a 20kw 3-phase generator to run the fan motor. This engine has only test time; it was never used to pump water.It also has a twin-disc clutch.Included is the generator,the radiator,and exhaust system.



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